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Описатьи охарактеризовать роль постановлений и определений какого суда для разрешения земельного спо

Описатьи охарактеризовать роль постановлений и определений какого суда для разрешения земельного спо

However, it began to increase from According to the Government reports3, the cause of public debt increased in recent years is because of difficult budget revenues while more increasing spending needs; in order to ensure the balance of the state budget, we had to maintain the budget deficit at a high level, specifically: 4. Public debt over-hangs: advanced-economy episodes since , Journal of Economic Perspectives, No26 3 , Government portal.

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Переяславская рада

However, it began to increase from According to the Government reports3, the cause of public debt increased in recent years is because of difficult budget revenues while more increasing spending needs; in order to ensure the balance of the state budget, we had to maintain the budget deficit at a high level, specifically: 4. Public debt over-hangs: advanced-economy episodes since , Journal of Economic Perspectives, No26 3 , Government portal.

Notably, this ratio has calculated by Reinhart C. Domestic debt primarily due to the issuance of government bonds, the number of bonds to be issued in the period of has increased 2.

In addition, foreign loans of Vietnam are mainly through ODA channel with long term, low interest rates and more favorable repayment pressure than foreign currency bond issuance.

However, domestic debt also has certain negative effects on the economy, such as increasing the interest rates, narrowing the funding for the private sector and putting pressure on inflation. Moreover, the trend of public debt structure in Vietnam can be reversed in the near future when the credit demand is recovered, making the issuance of domestic bonds become less attractive.

It is more important to understand that the potential risks could erupt from the accumulation due to loose fiscal policy and ineffective public investment spending. According to Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research4, public debt ceiling in Vietnam should be considered from the perspective of a hard 4 Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research.

The characteristics of public debt in Vietnam. Accordingly, total direct outstanding balance of policy, in addition to be the safety threshold to prevent the Government will be around 4. Instead of extending the public debt increase from Assistance loans will decline from In the context that domestic and international situation is more and more complicated and unstable in terms of economy, politics and society, it is difficult for Vietnam to increase the revenues of state budget in the coming time, while the state budget spending needs have to increase in order to pay the due debts, invest in infrastructure, ensure the national defense and security, social security, thus the balance of state budget in the coming period will continue overspending; however, it is required to absolutely comply with the safety threshold for investment and development.

Based on the analysis above, the author believes Vietnam has encountered some problems in the public debt management in Vietnam as follows: 1 The definition of public debt in Vietnam is too much different from the international rules, making the data approach unreliable and leading to misunderstandings on the public debt situation in Vietnam.

Currently, the definition of public debt in the world has not yet been agreed; it was mainly built on the basis of debt management practice of each country. According to the World Bank WB , public debt is the entire government debt and government guaranteed debt.

In particular, 1 the government debt includes the entire domestic debt and external debt of the Government and its debt collection agencies; debt of the provinces, cities; or debt of political organizations under the Government and their agents; debt of state-owned enterprises; 2 the government guaranteed debt is the entire repayment obligations for domestic and external debt of the private sector, guaranteed by the government table 3.

For Vietnam, public debt is stipulated in the Law on public debt management, including: government debt, government guaranteed debt and local government debt. Public debt does not include the debt of state-owned enterprises or the central bank. Therefore, the statistics on public debt released by the Government of Vietnam are often different compared to the statistics of international institutions.

This has been repeatedly mentioned in studies or scientific seminars on specific topics. Therefore, the Government should review and submit to the National Assembly for amending and supplementing the Law on public debt management.

Table 4 with the causes of public debt crisis in some EU Member States, indicates some lessons as follows: 1 the lesson from Greece: Vietnam needs to manage its economy in an effective manner; narrow the public sector; increase revenues and reduce spending, particularly, reduce spending on social security within permitted limit; purify; promote production and export; and promote the economic growth; 2 the lesson from Ireland, Portugal, Greece: the government does not turn bad debt of enterprises and banks into the government debt; strongly reform the banking and financial system; strictly control public debt, government debt, local debt, corporate debt, government guaranteed debt; effectively use loans; avoid losses and waste.

Causes of the public debt crisis in some EU Member States Particular causes of each country General causes Greece Ireland Portugal There are a lot of causes, Besides these common The Irish public debt crisis The public debt crisis however, generally causes, two following is very different from the in Portugal is the including 6 main causes as causes made Greece crisis in Greece.

Ireland made equivalent to the level labor productivity in some from banks, this causes a mistake in moving from of wealthy European countries such as Portugal, difficulties in mobilizing personal income tax to the countries with high Italy, Greece.

Financial instability, economic crisis. Consequently, the level, causing the budget budget deficit became deficit to increase.

Source: Synthesis of the author 3 It is still necessary to maintain public debt in Vietnam in order to promote socio-economic development of the country; however, it is required to strictly comply with the criteria set out. In particular, in the period and towards , it should be determined that Vietnam will continue the state budget deficit due to the needs of investment and socio-economic development.

Therefore, the optimal public debt threshold of Vietnam is in the 5 Dao Van Hung. Public debt management in Vietnam: Access to international practices.

Based on this criterion, the state budget deficit is at 4. Journal of Ecoloans for on-lending and reduce the reserve debt nomics and Development, May , No Dinh Cong Tuan. National Political public debt portfolio; prioritize the debt repayment; Publishing House, Hanoi, Reinhart C. In addition, the Government Public debt over-hangs: advanced-economy should restructure the state budget in the coming time episodes since , Journal of Economic Perspecon the principle of reducing recurrent expenditure, tives, No26 3.

Datviet Newspaper. How public debt is enough and safe?. URL: 4. International monetary fund. IMF Pubinternational practices towards the scope of public lic Sector Debt statistics, Guide for Compliers and debt calculation including: debt of the insurance and Users. Ministry of Finance. Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Government implicit debt and contingent debt covered by the portal. Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy comprehensive financial reform to gradually balance Research.

The characteristics of public debt in the budget, ensure the sustainability of public debt, Vietnam. World Bank Debtor reporting system socio-economic shocks in the future.

Retrieved on March, 30th Dao Van Hung. Public debt management in International Debt StatisVietnam: Access to international practices. Vietnam tics. Ilia formed the main basic values of Georgian variety of economic liberalism, the foremost of which is the ability to create the opportunities for free economic development.

He justified reasonably the importance of free trading, the open economy,the governmental liberal interference and liberal taxes.

He considered on the necessary involvement in the world economic integration processes. He thought that the common economic prosperity was prevented significantly by the private property insecurity, by bureaucracy, the corruption, the lack of economic reform and the institutionalization, the lack of professionalism, the lining of local peculiarities.

Even a century and a half ago Ilia Chavchavadze realized the Georgian and European spiritual relations and the goods that our country could get by sharing leading European values. Ilia thought that these values were parochial and were acceptable for everyone, as it allowed us to make the progress unrecoverable.

Their implementations will require different approaches in different countries. Keywords: welfare, economic integration, European values, local peculiarities. Georgian orientation policy towards European values has a long tradition. In this concept in order to protect the national identity, the importance of orientation of European values is systematically reflected.

Historically the direct result of such progressive aspirations should consider the fact that Georgia received vizaliberization on February 2, Citizens of Georgia obtained the right to replace without a visa.

Ilia Chavchavadze was born in the countrysideKvareli. Georgian people call it own "Bethlehem". In is the th anniversary of his birth and the th anniversary of his death.

In first he worked as specific officer of powers of attorney, then in connection with the implementation of Georgian peasent reform, he worked as a conciliation mediator in East Georgia. In years he worked as conciliation judge in mazra Dusheti. In he was elected as a achairman of the Royal Household Bank, he headed it invariably until From he was chairman of Georgian Dramatic Society,which was founded by his initiative, — was the deputy chairman of the Literacy-spreading society among Georgians and from to his death — he was the permanent chairman of this society under the will he gifted his whole movable and immovable property to this society.

In he founded the magazine "The Messenger", despite the hardest censorship, afterwards this magazine became inspirer of the national liberation movement. From he edited periodical publication - "Iveria", which was founded by himself and led national, spiritual and intellectual life of Georgia over three decades.

In he was elected as a member of state board. Ilia of literary language and legislator, a wide range substantiated with arguments that for further economic researcher. His practical activity reached all the main development of Georgia the most important was free parts of public and cultural lifetime and had the most trading, open economy, the liberal intervation of govdecisive role in their successes.

He wrote stories, ernment, liberal tax significance. Like free trade belletristic articles, letters of literary criticism,, histo- supporters, "free traiders", he also considered that it ry, national economy, the issues of national economy, was the way and the means of achieving "economic banking and finance and others.

All of his composi- happiness".. He thought it da Pantheon. Ilia evaluated lyrics, poems, short stories and other literary texts. The empirical researches shows identified by the time.

Till today more than two dozen ism is based on these priorities, his doctrine. This is a major publications have written about him.

The mentioned aspirations must be based on morality, Ilia Chavchavadze actively studied all aspects of faith, love, patriotism, justice, equality, peace, protec- life, was creating a true worldview, was forming, was tion of human rights, economic prosperity, implemen- directly involved and incited in the creation and tation of permanent reforms, establishment of true management of public institutions, contributed each professionalism in any case, taking into consideration human opinion in order to reach goals of public welthe advanced experiences of others in order to gain the fare.

Ilya established true values in Georgian society. Ilia Chavchavadze learned the life of the nation It was he who formed the basics of main values of in whole and revealed its identity.

Georgia was facing search necessary investments. The total economical world. The majority of the population was illiterate of prosperity is significantly impeded by insecurity of literacy, there was the low economic prosperity, the private property, bureaucracy, corruption, insufficient economic environment was limited, monopolized, economic reforming, the lack of professionalism, the agriculture and Industry were backward.

No adequate lining of the local peculiarities. An action was needed.

Исторические предпосылки и подготовка Переяславской рады[ править править код ] Обращения о принятии запорожского казачества в подданство Русского государства поступали в Москву в течение предыдущих десятилетий неоднократно, в том числе в ходе восстания Косинского [1] — , восстания Павлюка [2] , восстания Острянина [3] От Богдана Хмельницкого подобное обращение впервые поступило в июне года. После этого решения для ведения переговорного процесса в Переяславщину из Москвы отправилось большое посольство во главе с боярином Василием Бутурлиным.









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